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Private Makeup Lessons 

The Total Beauty Workshop 

This full service session offers you education about using ideal lighting, proper brush care,  kit organization, and how to maximize your tools and products to be the most efficient at providing  the best every day makeup results.


  • A 'Makeup Bag Makeover'. This is is a bit of a "keep or toss" session of the items you already have i(or don't have!) in your everyday makeup collection. I will help you decide which products and tools lighten your load, and which ones are keepers for your kit. I can help you make sense of the items you already have in your routine or collection, and recommend a few that may enhance it.
  • A Step By Step Lesson and consultation.  I will guide you step by step to create a look or routine that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Learn all about brushes and how to use and care for them, proper product placement, and how to choose the right shades and textures for your tone and skin type. I will teach you how to utilize your mirrors and lighting, and how to maximize the space and lighting you have at home- and your time!
  • Step By Step Photos  I will photograph your session every step of the way. Within a week of your session, I will send you your images in a form of a step by step guide, complete with pro tips  and personalized suggestions for your reference. 
  •  A Complete Makeup Brush Set 


2.5 hours in studio 

$350, plus 15% off any CRB product purchase.


Personal Beauty Styling and Shopping Session

Come and spend an hour with me in my beautiful midtown Sacramento studio! Sip a mimosa, and I will share with you the tried and true "tips and tricks" that I use in my work (and in my own every day life!) that have inspired me to create my own branded natural beauty line-Christi Reynolds Beauty.

Designed to enhanced any routine, you can bring along your own makeup too, if you have it! Sometimes we are only missing a few steps, and I have got you covered.

My collection contains natural ingredients, minerals and tones that are designed to enhance your beauty-not mask it.


1 hour in studio

$150, plus 15% off any CRB product purchase


Group Classes

I love to do group classes for women who want to learn the best beauty basics, or simply want to freshen up their routine by learning a few professional tips and tricks to update their look.

As a seasoned educator and former trainer for more than a decade for some of the top beauty brands in the industry, I offer an extensive background in product knowledge and brand philosophies, and teaching women of all ages how to do their makeup (or makeup for others!) with confidence, and ease. 

I can come to your location, and bring my full professional makeup kit, chair, lighting-and some of my absolute favorite must-have tools and products to demonstrate that you can purchase if you love them as much as I do! Groups classes are fun, and interactive! I like to choose “models” in each class to demonstrate each step on, so everyone gets a little one on one love! 


Group classes are $150 per person with a two person minimum, plus each participant will receive 15% off any CRB product purchase. 

Available In studio, or at location of your choice.


Travel rates and minimums may apply for sessions outside of my studio.